Industry specific solution with BITO pallet racking PROmobile synchro
How to make maximum use of warehouse space whilst allowing immediate access to each stock item

BITO solution

  • PROmobile is the BITO product name for pallet racking mounted on a mobile base.
  • Guided by tracks set in the floor, each mobile base is operated automatically to move racking rows sideways.
  • Compared to conventional static pallet racking, PROmobile pallet racking is serviced by opening only one racking aisle – no further service aisles are needed.
  • The system allows the operator to open the selected aisle by pushing controls located at the short side of a racking row or via remote control.
  • As a special advantage over comparable mobile racking systems on the market, BITO PROmobile ensures that the same distance between the carriages is maintained at any given point in length during the entire aisle opening or closing action while permanently monitoring and correcting any skew.

Key benefits for the customer

  • With the number of service aisles being reduced to just one aisle, this solution allows to increase pallet storage capacity by as much as 75% – on the same floor surface!
  • Compared to static pallet racking, the same amount of pallet locations can be accommodated on 40% less warehouse space. A compact warehouse layout is also relevant for lowering energy cost by some 40% a year and for cutting construction cost by 20%.
  • As the PROmobile distance control system prevents skewing, wear and tear of guide rails and wheels is minimised. In the long run, lower service costs and down times will result in a reduction of operating expenses.
  • Permanent distance monitoring also offers the advantage that loads can be placed anywhere in a racking row. There is no need to plan an even distribution of loads. This in turn will reduce loading and unloading times by as much as 30%!

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