Industry specific solution with BITO carton live storage
How to realise product storage in FIFO order to support sell-by date monitoring

BITO solution

  • BITO carton live storage is the ideal solution for goods stored in bins, containers and cartons which move on gravity roller lanes from the loading side to the picking side of a storage installation.
  • Providing FIFO stock rotation, carton live storage makes sell-by date monitoring easy.
  • Modular flow shelves are fitted without tools to the racking frames for easy adaptation to load carriers of different types and sizes.
  • The possibility to individually adjust flow shelf height and shelf gradient allow to create an ergonomic picking curve.
  • BITO Brake rollers also allow to handle multiple weight bins or cartons within the same lane.

Key benefits for the customer

  • Separate working aisles ensure that stock replenishment does not interfere with order picking. Compared to conventional shelving, picking performance can be quadrupled with this solution.
  • Order pickers can focus exclusively on their picking task, as there is always a sufficient number of products in the lanes that move unassisted to the picking face.
  • Compared to conventional shelving and racking, drastic travel time savings between 40 and 70% and savings on floor space of up to 30% make BITO carton live storage a very compact and economic solution.

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