Industry specific solution with BITO retro-fitting options
How to convert a pure stock racking into a pick racking

BITO solution

  • BITO retro-fitting solutions allow to convert existing warehouses that are merely used for stock keeping into efficient order picking warehouses.
  • In most cases, there is no need to build an addition to your existing warehouse or even to move into a new construction.
  • With BITO retro-fitting solutions, it is easy to adapt stock keeping warehouses to new requirements.
  • In a few quick steps, conventional pallet racking can be retro-fitted into a FIFO live storage facility.
  • BITO extraction units allow ergonomic and strain-free order picking of smaller unit loads.

Key benefits for the customer

  • More flexibility by quickly preparing storage facilities for a new product range or a higher turnover frequency.
  • Four times more product lines can be stocked in direct access.
  • Picking times can be reduced by up to 50%.
  • Possibility of handling an even larger product range on the same floor surface.

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