The e-commerce business model is conquering food trade. Similar to consumer electronics orders, customers can order groceries online and have them delivered to their door. Special attention has to be paid to temperature-sensitive products which have to be kept cold along the entire delivery chain. For this reason, grocers need to provide a failsafe, uninterrupted cold chain right to their customer's doorstep.


  • Safe and efficient transport of groceries to the final customer
  • Cold chain needs to be extended to consumer's doorstep (last mile)
  • Bridging the time gap between goods leaving dispatch and handover to customer


BITO has developed a thermo insulation set for storing, picking and shipping temperature-sensitive goods. The cool kit includes a BITOBOX MB container with a lidded Neopor® box, a washable inlay and
three cool packs. This unit provides optimum temperature conditions for any product on its way to the customer and protects the goods from light deterioration and external damage. Single use seals prevent
unauthorised access to the contents. With this clever package, the deliverer is independent of the customer being at home since deliveries can be left at the doorstep. Empty MB containers without thermo insulation set can be nested for space saving return trips thereby saving up to 75 % of the freight and storage costs.

Customer benefits

BITOBOX MB containers are the perfect solution for shipping foods.

  • „„„A temperature range of 2-8 °C for at least 12 hours is maintained.
  • „„The risk of damage or product spoilage is substantially reduced
  • „„Compliance with all hygiene standards as BITOBOX MB containers are food safe and the inlays are easy to clea
  • „„Transport to the customer and direct handover of the delivery are "decoupled" as products are kept cold and protected against access by third persons
  • „Empty container nesting without thermo insulation set on return trips saves up to 75 % of freight and storage costs
  • „„The BITO 3 in 1 formula – MB containers are ideal for storage, order picking and distribution alike – eliminate costs for repackaging material and additional handling
  • „„Optional RFID labelling permits delivery tracking and surveillance

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