The South Tyrolean farmer co-operative bio express put their heart and soul in organic fruit and vegetable cultivation. The cooperative takes pride in providing their products, to the greatest possible extent, directly to the final customer. Apart from personalised relations between the producer and the consumer, this distribution system benefits both sides: consumers will appreciate lower producer prices and producers can rely on fair sales prices.

Special attention is given to local products. bio express provides a wide variety of fruit and vegetables according to season. A carefully established production plan allows to extend the periods of availability. The cooperation with selected organic farms in all regions of Italy allows bio express to offer their comprehensive range during the winter months as well.


  • Direct delivery of fresh produce from the producers to the central warehouse
  • Direct supply of fresh produce to the consumers by bio express


  • Fresh produce is to be stocked in FIFO order to ensure control over sell-by dates
  • The goods are to be stored in chill stores at temperatures between 2 and 7 °C and delivered on the same day or on the following day at the latest


  • Implementation of FIFO storage of all crates and cartons filled with fruit and vegetables
  • A warehouse management system informs the operators which goods are to be picked directly in bio express boxes
  • Empty boxes move back to the loading side on return levels

Customer benefits

  • „Easy control of sell-by dates
  • „„Continuous supply to final customers with fresh produce
  • „„Ergonomic order picking by making use of the natural reach curve of order pickers
  • „Separate loading and picking aisles contribute to an increased operator performance
  • „„Pick quantities have been tripled with this new solution

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