Order picking

Order picking is a key activity in any logistics centre. Efficient order collation has a decisive influence on a company's competitiveness. In the food and beverage sector order picking is of vital importance. Several factors complicate this task.

BITO solutions make order picking easier

Product diversity

  • Product variety depends on season and region
  • Range includes products with slow, medium and fast turnover ratio
  • The industry must cope with a very large variety that continues to grow with cross-industrial trends such as the increasing popularity of convenience products, functional and organic food

Temperature zones

  • Special external conditions need to be fulfilled during storage, picking and transport to maintain product freshness
  • Temperature conditions must be adapted to product requirements, hence there is the need for chill  stores, cold stores and normal temperature storage environments
  • Storage in different temperature zones puts special demands on operators and equipment

Sell-by date management & picking speed

  • Retail trade demands that processing, packaging, picking and delivery must be carried out in a very tight time frame
  • 90 % of the sell-by time span during which a product is recommended for consumption is claimed by retail trade and the final consumer
  • In view of the narrow time frame left for suppliers, picking must be done fast and accurately to ensure that no time is wasted


  • Lifting and carrying loads during order picking exerts a high physical strain on the body
  • Health risks for operators are high
  • Picking environments should therefore meet ergonomic demands

Logistics requirements

  • Permanent access to a broad range of product lines
  • Storage solutions to suit best-before product handling
  • Process reliability and processing/handling speed
  • Ergonomic picking solutions

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