BITO service –
Customer-oriented and reliable project monitoring

BITO is a Germany based manufacturer with subsidiaries and distributors throughout the world. With a staff of around 800 and on a plant surface of more than 140 000 m² in Meisenheim and Lauterecken, we have specialised in storage and order picking systems, offering a customeroriented and innovative product range for highest user demands.

Technical advice

Each project is accompanied from the start by an experienced local sales & project manager who keeps close contact with the assigned project manager at the BITO main office.

Project coordination

We think that reliable time management and competent support are key to the success of
a project. Our customers can count on exact specification, true-to-size product manufacturing,
an extensive quality assurance program and reliable assembly coordination – in short, we provide an allinclusive project package!

After sales service

Operators of shelving and racking installations are legally obligated to have their facilities inspected at least once a year by a qualified person. BITO provides this inspection service. Our inspectors are trained and authorised to conduct all mandatory tests. They will get in the quotes for required spare parts
and manage follow-up inspections.

For live storage installations and electronically regulated facilities, BITO recommend their customers to conclude a maintenance contract and have their storage and order picking installation regularly checked as to proper functioning and operational safety. Maintenance prevents disruptions and troublesome consequences. In case a semi-automatic system fails to perform properly despite all preventive measures, BITO has set up an emergency management plan to reduce idle times at your site to a minimum.

Customer-oriented and reliable project monitoring

We are at your service!

Fast track ordering

Catalogue and online shopping, a varied selection of special offers, instant advice provided on the phone by skilled staff, quick quotations, an attractive price performance ratio, short delivery times, and, if things should not be the way you want, the ability to handle claims fast and professionally – all this contributes to the success of a direct sales business. As a manufacturer of storage, order picking and handling equipment ‘Made in Germany’ for more than 50 years offering a range of more than 5,000 products, we know our business and are happy to share our know-how with our customers. On-going product and market research help us to continuously extend our range and our services to provide you with everything you would expect from your single source supplier.

Support & Planning

Fast material flow and lean procedures – these factors are key to any intralogistics process. They will only make their full impact if combined with storage and order picking systems that are perfectly adapted to the requirements of a specific project. When it comes to realising such systems, BITO has a clear advantage over other suppliers. At BITO, we design and manufacture all products in our own plants. On top of this, we assume all project-related tasks from layout planning to system commissioning. This ensures highest levels of transparency and efficiency. Even tight time schedules can realised because there are no delays in the flow of information between the departments involved and there is no loss of information due to additional interfaces.