The Greenery offers their customers a full range of fresh fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. In addition, the Dutch-grown range is enlarged with import produce from all continents. The company is a supplier of super market chains, wholesalers, gastronomy and the processing industry. In order to optimise handling procedures in each market segment, The Greenery has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, Russia, Romania, Brazil and the USA.


In the Netherlands, 276 supermarkets are supplied with up to 4000 pallet loads of fresh produce each day.


  • Shorter travel routes to help optimise in-house logistics
  • Minimised lead times through more efficient order picking
  • Buffer store must be close to picking areas to allow immediate replenishment
  • High delivery reliability
  • Clean storage area in compliance with food safety HACCP principles and IFS standards


  • Order picking store with integrated buffer
  • Picking tunnel reduces travel routes and provides a safe working environment
  • Tiltable roller conveyor lanes allow easy cleaning of racking facility and the floor underneath

Customer benefits

  • „Substantially reduced lead times as order picking can be done in a much shorter time in separate replenishment and picking aisles
  • „„Automated replenishment according to the FIFO principle eliminates waiting times for order pickers

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