DACHSER Food Logistics offer their customers a comprehensive service covering the entire food logistics chain by providing all logistics disciplines from trade logistics, procurement and distribution logistics to contract logistics with integrated multi-user warehouses at a large number of sites. DACHSER supplies meat and cold cuts to some 480 million consumers in 21 countries, dairy products, sweets, wine and spirits, convenience products, coffee, processed fish and canned foods. With an operating area of more than 100,000 m² and a workforce exceeding 400, the Nuremberg location is an important pillar of the DACHSER overland transportation network. In their business sector Food Logistics, DACHSER offer their customers a comprehensive service range accommodating any requirement in this field.


  • Storage and stock management has to be organised for a very large range of product lines from many customers
  • In the DACHSER location at Nuremberg, an average of 2,800 pallets needs to be moved each day
  • Constant changes in product portfolio, special actions and seasonal variations lead to frequently changing proportions of slow movers and fast movers as well as of the amount of products to be picked as unit load or as entire pallet load


  • Demand-oriented storage solution to allow easy adaptation to changing circumstances
  • Long-term investment into storage equipment must be worthwhile and sustainable
  • Reliable supply of slow movers in small batch sizes in a minimum of space


  • Pallet racking which can be retrofitted for live storage according to the FIFO principle
  • Static pallet racking levels can be easily retrofitted with flow shelves for FIFO picking
  • The two racking levels at the floor can accommodate either 6 pallets or 50 live storage lanes supplying different reference lines

Customer benefits

  • „Very high degree of flexibility in adapting to changing requirements through fast and easy retrofitting of the storage installation
  • „„Possibility of handling an even larger product range on the same storage surface
  • „„FIFO storage ensures easy control of best-before dates
  • „„Sustainable investment into a "life" warehouse

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