Flexibility: Preparing for the future today!

With globalisation creating increasingly volatile markets and ever more complex in-company processes, the demands being placed on intralogistics are continuously rising. The factors in focus are modularity, flexibility, efficiency, ergonomics, customised functional design and layout, 24- hour availability, cost effectiveness and sustainability. Supply chain optimisation is only possible if all hub nodes and work steps match perfectly and perform reliably. Customised solutions must therefore feature technologies and systems capable of adapting to current demand and market situations within a short time in order to ensure that products are stored, picked and prepared for dispatch at a minimum of cost and time.

As the food and beverage market is particularly dynamic, the pressure to provide costeffective product handling is even stronger than in other industries. It is not only the impressive variety of products to be handled which makes intralogistics in this field a challenge, but also the fact that this variety spans various handling scenarios such as a different turnover frequency (slow, medium, high) and the need for different ambient temperatures (normal, chill or cold store). It is obvious that storage and picking facilities that are designed for only one handling scenario cannot be used efficiently over a longer period of time. In order to maintain competitiveness, time-consuming and costintensive retro-fitting would be required. It is therefore advisable to make a sustainable investment into a flexible solution which can be adapted to changing customer needs without loosing time and money.

Logistics requirements

  • Modular storage solutions which can be adapted to changing requirements without spending a lot of time and effort
  • Easy-to-realise retrofitting or expansion of existing systems with Plug & Play solutions
  • Demand-oriented switch-over from order picking of entire pallet loads to picking of unit loads
  • Securing investment sustainability and capital amortisation

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